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Crevette Pain Grillé

Crevette Pain Grillé

Here is a sumptuous quick treat that will tempt anyone wild about seafood and French bread.  Simple.  Gorgeous.  Less than 15 minutes.

The Recipe!

~ 1-2 large shrimp per toast (depends on size of toast)
~ 1 French bread
~ Butter
~ 2 lemons (or lemon juice)
~ Herbs de Province
~ 1 teaspoon of shredded cheese per slice of toast (any hard cheese works well – I like Guyère to keep it authentic and give great flavour).

Slice french bread on a diagonal cut and butter both sides. Toast both sides on a medium flame in a pan on the stove top until golden brown. Press 1 teaspoon of shredded cheese on one side and place face down for 10 seconds and scrape piece off with a spatula. This side will hold the shrimp. Set toast aside. Scrap excess cheese bits from pan bottom and put on toast.
Put 4-5 tablespoons of butter in pan on medium heat and sauté large shrimp until slightly golden. Add teaspoon of lemon just before removing with a teaspoon of herbs de province.
Top each toast with 1-2 shrimp. Drizzle few drops of pan drippings on each toast and top with herbs de Province.

Simply fantastic.

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