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Crispy, Tender and Delicious Chicken Wings

Crispy, Tender and Delicious Chicken Wings



The Recipe!!


~ 3 lbs of frozen Chicken wings

~ Sauce or glaze of choice such as a sweet and sour or buffalo sauce

~ Enough vegetable oil to fill a dutch oven 2-3 inches from the bottom

Le Methode!!

Heat the oil on a low-medium fire for about 10 minutes, or until a drop of flour in the oil sizzles.

Place the wings in CAREFULLY as they will sputter with a long pair of thongs one at a time and don’t crowd the pan. Cook in batches and take the wings out and place in a large bowl whjen the reach 170 degrees, or crispy. I cooked mine too 200 degrees to ensure crispiness.

Pour sauce or glaze of choice over the chicken and toss until well coated and serve to lots of YUMS!!!

Bon Appetite !!


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