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Tomate Riz

Garden tomatoes are filled with chicken long grain brown rice and topped with a melted soft French cheese like Chaource or Brie. Phenomenal summertime flavours.

The Recipe!
1-2 tomatoes per serving
1 cup of long grain brown rice cooked to instruction (use chicken stock instead of water)
Soft French cheese such as Chaource or Brie
Herbs De Province
Extra virgin olive oil
Oil-cured black olive for garnish


La Methode;

Cut top of tomato off and carefully scoop out flesh.
Place chicken rice in the tomato with a teaspoon carefully, pressing down to fill
Place a large dollop of cheese on top of rice
Place under broiler until cheese melts
Top with Herbs De Province, olive and sprinkle with oil ( I used truffle oil)
Serve of greens moved with a touch of oil and vinegar

Tomate Riz


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