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Poivron Saucisson

Oh boy…… Imagine sitting in a romantic little bistro in the South of France. The deep blue skies of Autumn, cool scent of the countryside, brilliant sunlight dancing on the freshly poured Cabernet Sauvignon of you and your lover….this decadent offering of slightly crisp sweet pepper topped with sautéed savory French sausage, fire roasted red pepper, French blue cheese and a vermouth reduction sauce to make the most memorable afternoon ever……..welcome to my world.

The Recipe!

1 sweet pepper per person, sliced in two length-wise.

4 sausage links of your favorite high quality sausage (I used French dried sausage called Saucisson)

Blue cheese to crumble on top. You may substitute with your favorite cheese or another fine French cheese like Gruyere or Emmental .

Fire roasted peppers chopped fine (found easily in a brine, usually in a jar at the grocers).

Sea Salt and fresh cracked pepper

1/3 cup of Noilly Prat French vermouth

1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon of brown sugar

Poivron Saucisson

La Methode:

Slice sausage on the bias about 1/4 inch thick and brown on a low to medium fire until lightly browned on both sides. If using French dried sausage (saucisson), just warm the sausage, 1 minute each side as it is already cooked. Remove from pan, set aside and place sweet peppers in pan skin side up. Cook for about 4 minutes, or until rim of pepper is browned, but pepper is still slightly crisp. Remove peppers from pan and place vermouth, brown sugar and a pinch of salt and pepper. Reduce until thickened on a medium heat, stirring occasionally – about 8 min. Place few disks of sausage on each pepper, crumble cheese on top as well as diced roasted peppers and spoon sauce over pepper to finish. Serve with crunchy French bread. Bon Appetite!


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