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When was the last time you’ve seen this?

Posted by on January 29, 2012
Old Fashioned Glass Bottled Whole Milk

Old Fashioned Glass Bottled Whole Milk

Wow!! The real thing!

I have been buying this whole (not 2%, 1% or skim – WHOLE!!) in all of it’s glass bottled, grass fed, organic, un-homogenized glory at Lee’s Market in Westport Ma. Man is this stuff GREAT!!

Here is a link to the company Natural By Nature (phone 610-268-6962);

Tell your grocer you would like them to carry their products. This is the stuff that we had when food was real and not tainted and screwed up by corporations looking to maximize profits. Give your vote to a company trying to do the right thing and giving us a far healthier choice…….the way it used to be.

2 Responses to When was the last time you’ve seen this?

  1. angelo

    denie saw u this feb working out at golds gym . after looking at your site i was impressed . my family aslo was in the business with restaurants in new bedford , zolas cafe dales dinner italian food also published in cook book la cucina ciglianese recipes by mrs joseph zola also owner of the silver gull once located in matt. ma. so i share your passion for food . rabbit with polenta was one of my favorites .just keep up the good life good luck

    • deniebernier

      Wow Angelo, your family was REALLY into the “business”! The rabbit with polenta is a very authentic dish and very hard to find. Where do you get your fresh rabbit meat? I would love to buy some to make up a few dishes.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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