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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Pommes de Terre Frites aux Rosemary Fromage (French Fries)

Are these really French ? Betcha sweet aspic they are!! The Recipe! 3 medium potatoes Fresh rosemary Sea Salt Fresh Cracked Pepper Parmesan Cheese or finely grated cheese of choice Extra virgin Olive Oil Slice 3 medium potatoes medium to thin length-wise or to desired thickness. Rinse and soak in cold water for a few … Continue reading »

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Pâtes aux Saucisson Sauce Blanche ( Pasta with a Sausage Creme Sauce)

The combination of flavors in this incredible pasta dish will blow you away. The French elements of dried sausage (saucisson) and creme fraiche makes it feel like home to me. So simple and can be made easily in less than 3o minutes!! The Recipe! ~ Pasta of choice. I used Orecchiette. Bow tie pasta would … Continue reading »

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When was the last time you’ve seen this?

Wow!! The real thing! I have been buying this whole (not 2%, 1% or skim – WHOLE!!) in all of it’s glass bottled, grass fed, organic, un-homogenized glory at Lee’s Market in Westport Ma. Man is this stuff GREAT!! Here is a link to the company Natural By Nature (phone 610-268-6962); Tell your grocer … Continue reading »

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Poulet Bernier

Tender, moist and actually succulent is what this dish will reveal as your family sits down to flavors that you will talk about for a while. You can make this savory, beautiful and tender recipe in 30 minutes! How’s that for fast food! The Recipe! 2 boneless, skinless chicken thighs per person. You may use … Continue reading »

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French Cassoulet and Hearty Winter Vegetable Rice soup

The Recipes! French Cassoulet This recipe feeds 8 hungry people! Or freeze part of it for quick meals during the week and simply microwave it. Or, reduce all parts of the recipe to half for a smaller meal. ~ 2 lbs of boneless,skinless chicken thighs ~ 1 small boneless pork shoulder, about 5 lbs (you … Continue reading »

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Poulet Aux Abricot

        Apricot is quite popular in French cuisine, and when it’s incorporated into a creme frâiche, it’ll blow your tastebuds away. I developed this recipe years ago when I wanted to add a savory/sweet combination to my repertoire. Folks, this recipe is killer. Go and impress someone with this gem.   The … Continue reading »

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Poisson Beurre Noisette Aux Câpres

This delightful and quick seafood recipe is amazing in flavour and simplicity. Merci memere!! The Recipe! ~ 6 oz of thick-fleshed fish such as cod, haddock (captain’s cut if available which is a thicker cut), bass etc. PER person (recipe based on 6 people). ~ 8-10 cups of chicken stock. Use the concentrated chicken stock … Continue reading »

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Rôti de Boeuf à La Graine de Moutarde

A traditional French recipe I learned from my grandmother that reminds me of being a young boy in the kitchen in the winter. Sometime they would cook it in the restaurant and bring some home for dinner. When I smell it cook, I am instantly transported to standing next to my grandmother in her apron … Continue reading »

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Thank You Everyone – we have had over Fifty thousand hits! And all just by word of mouth!! Stand by for more great recipes and videos this year – one a week! Thank you kindly for all of your support, kind words and e-mails!

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Boeuf Braisé Aux Carrot

If you haven’t seen any of my cooking shows yet – this is a great one to start with! Braised beef with carrots and pumpkin. Here is a very old French dish that I’ve updated a bit from my grandmothers recipe which my mother taught me years ago. It’s easy because it is a one … Continue reading »

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