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Norwegian Haddock in A Brown Butter Caper Sauce

This delightful and quick seafood recipe is amazing in flavour and simplicity. Merci memere!!

The Recipe!

~ 6 oz of thick-fleshed fish such as cod, haddock (captain’s cut if available which is a thicker cut), bass etc. PER person (recipe based on 6 people).
~ 8-10 cups of chicken stock. Use the concentrated chicken stock in the jar to make your own – MUCH more flavorful (see video for details!).
~ 2 Lb of mussels
~ Bouquet Garni (or teaspoon of dried thyme, parsley, rosemary and a few bay leaves)

For Sauce:

~ 1/2 cup of butter
~ 2 tablespoons of capers
~ juice of one lemon

Put chicken stalk with bouquet garni (or dried herbs) in a large pan and let simmer (coverd) for 15 minutes to infuse flavor.
Put mussels in pan and fish cut in individual servings ( 6 oz) on top/in the middle of the pan for 10 min, covered on a low simmer.
Meanwhile, put butter in a saucier pan and gently brown. When browned slightly, add lemon and capers.
Remove fish gently from pan with a slotted spoon in individual plated or large platter.
Top coked fish with sauce and scatter mussels around fish.
Voila!!! Enjoy with French bread and butter!!


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