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Restoring my antique French country kitchen one piece at a time..

Night time for the new(olde) chandelier in my kitchen.

What a warm glow this antique light provides..

Antique French Country Manor Chandelier

I’ve been busy restoring the kitchen to it’s original glory as some of you know. This light from a french country estate that I was very fortunate to obtain helps to provide a warm, comfortable environment that makes sipping hot cocoa or sharing a fine Bordeaux on a snowy winters eve that much more cozy. Let’s not forget those crackling logs in the fireplace. Lighting is everything, so I am very selective as to what gets to go and where. It can make or break the environment that you are looking to provide for your family and friends. There is not a shred of contemporary in the house because I feel that style does not lend to making this gathering spot feel like a warm, fuzzy sweater on those very cold New England nights – especially when the wind comes howling off the ocean.
Come sit by the cracking fire with me and enjoy the glow of the French country lights (in the kitchen, on my fireplace mantle and a few other places), the scent of the wood fire, a glass of fine Bordeaux or Port, a warm crusty french bread just out of the oven (see my recipe) and conversation to warm the coldest of December nights.
Bonsoir, Bonne Nuit, Beau Rêves…….oh, and Bon Appetite!


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