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In memory of Henriette

My sister was killed last week when a car struck her as she was walking down the street to deliver a sandwich and coffee to her daughter as she was studying for classes. She was the gentleist of souls with a heart and compassion unmatched. I broke bread last night in honor of Henriette with my family, the night before we laid her to rest. God bless you my sister. I will miss you terribly. But now the mysteries of our lives  are all answers to you.


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  • My thoughts and prayers are with you during this tragic time. So many times we fail to recognize how frail life is and that it can be cut short at any given moment. I hope you find solace in the fact that her spirit resides in a much greater place than earth.

  • deniebernier says:

    Thank you Tina, your words are soothing to me -God bless you for taking the time out to share your thoughts with me.
    Thank you again,

  • Amy Yocom says:

    Denie, I was wondering why you had not put up a new video and was saddened to come here and see that you had lost your sister. I felt impelled to tell you a little story. I first found your youtube site when you had only a few videos posted. My husband and I love to cook together and I was so pleased to find you. I have a little french blood in me and love to try new recipes. You and I are the same age and this is why I wanted to offer my condolences to you: I lost my beloved brother 15 years ago to leukemia. Every time I watch your cooking videos I never fail to think of him because you remind me of him and I know he would have loved to watch you and cook with me in my kitchen along with my grown children and my husband. I know one day we will cook again together in paradise!
    I know you will miss your sweet sister, but I also know how cooking
    and eating with family is a healing balm. Your family is in my familiy’s
    thoughts this night. To Henriette and to Barry…..


    • deniebernier says:

      Wow Amy, you brought some joy to my life with your words. Your thoughts on cooking reflect my mindset so much. The kitchen heals, soothes and brings bettered souls together. In the end, the love that permeates throughout my kitchen slays all bad, and blue skies are all I see outside the my big old kitchen windows letting the sun’s golden rays touch us all and give us hope for tomorrow. Thank you so much my friend amy. Do you live int the Northeast as I do? We hit 70 degrees yesterday when we buried my sister – which was a record. My sister has pull upstairs with all of her never ending love, kindness and generosity. God is proud of her, as we’ll He should be for the innocence, compassion and unfailing love she always, always gave.

  • Dawn says:

    My thoughts are with you and your family as you try to get through such a tragedy. Always remember those little moments in life you all shared together and then smile.

    • deniebernier says:

      Aw Dawn, I can always count on you for a shoulder. God bless you. Without friends and support from amazing people like you, what would it all be worth or about?

  • Amy Yocom says:

    One of the things that makes me return to visit you is just that; I felt like you invited me to sit in your kitchen (sipping a glass of vino) and chat while you shared some of your recipes with me. Even your kitchen itself radiates a friendly, family feeling. I like that you exude your love of cooking and family and when you share technique, it feels like an old friend sharing, and loving every minute. I am from the deep south, gulf coast about an hour’s drive from New Orleans. We are already planting our gardens and watching the herbs revive from all the rain we have been having. Looking forward to your next meal, my friend.

    • deniebernier says:

      As soon as I am up to it Amy, I’ll make a cooking segment for you and invite you in for some heavenly aromas and maybe a hand from you to prepare some vegetables and of course a glass of wine …..

  • Sandra Joseph says:

    Sorry to hear about your sister recent death, my condolences goes out to you and your family at this of grief. God bless!

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