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Wholesome, crusty homemade bread!  I’ve filmed how to make this as well as the recipe – makes it easier and more enjoyable to learn!

4 cups of unbleached flour
1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour
1 cup of Rye
1 3/4 taplespoons of yeast
1 1/2 tabelspoons of salt
3 cups of lukewarm water

Mix last three ingedients in a bowl then add flour. Mix (preferably in a stand mixer) for 2 minutes.
Place in a large bowl and cover with plastic wrap (snug, but not air tight). After a 4 hours take out a piece the size that you would like for tonight’s meal.
Dust all around with flour, shape and place on a pizza peel dusted with cornmeal. Heat oven to 450 and place on a stone (or cast iron pizza stone made by Lodge) in the oven for approximately 32-37 min. When sliding bread on the stone, put 3/4 cup of hot tap water in a pan that has been placed in the oven when it was first turned on. This will make for a crustier loaf!!


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  • Tom Rostas says:

    Thanks Denie
    First of all thanks for taking care of the wife at the hospital We briefly met but I am glad to know that there are people like you enjoy the cooking and baking I just watched your french bread video and it is great
    Well done and end product is classy !

    Just the pictures of your dishes make me salivate and your choice of port wine is my recent favorite
    As I was telling you I am a follower ( one of 14 million hits )of Jim Lahey Sullivan Street bakery in NY and Doing artisan variation of his bread in a Dutch Oven Jim Lahey has become a cult Your cooking and kitchen looks so good and thanks for sharing all of the recipes and pictures
    Again thanks for Hospital experience we had great service from you and everyone I am retired surgeon now pretending to be a Baker Breadmaker I will do your bread as I was trying to make a good French bread I really like yours
    Thanks for your kindness toward us and thanks for your friendship
    Tom Rostas Eastport Maine and Palm Beach GDNS Florida

    • deniebernier says:

      What a wonderful message from you Tom! I have to say it made my WEEK!! I love to hear from such nice folks like you – and I thank YOU for YOUR kindness and friendship!! It really means more than you know.
      Talk to you soon!

  • deniebernier says:

    Tom, I have a new video for you! Let me know if you enjoyed the history of the brasserie and the dish based on one of their recipes!

  • Susan says:

    Hi Denie – I want to let you know that your website is very interesting. I especially like the videos of your recipes with a French flair, and your personality really comes through. I keep coming back to see if you posted any new videos. Anyway, I tried your rustic bread recipe because I couldn’t believe how easy it looked to make and how it looked so professional and tasty. Well, it really turned out like on your video and tasted wonderful – light, moist and chewy on the inside with a crispy and crusty shell! I took a couple of the loaves to our food and wine group last night and what a success! Everyone raved how delicious and nutty the bread was (and so healthful, too)! I told them to find the recipe on your website. So, thank you for all your hard work on making the videos. Please keep it up. We look forward to them!

    P.S. I love your kitchen, cooking utensils, pots, pans and decor (copper) – so much more interesting and charming than the new upscale kitchens these days!

    • deniebernier says:

      My Susan, you rock! I am so happy you took the time to leave me that kind message. It is TONS of work to produce my segments (takes 2 days with editing, shooting etc). There I times I want to hang up my apron and say “that’s it!” But with a message like yours, it really gives me the confidence to carry on. There is a well known talent scout that saw my Jacques pep in Interview and wants to work on a show being taped out of Hollywood. She is well respected and said “I have what it takes!” Imagine that? I’m just a ham that likes to have fun in the kitchen. I was raised in the kitchens of French restaurants and was trained by some of the finest – my family, so I have a solid foundation. And boy do I agree with the decor issue. French Country Provincial – just like my grandmothers kitchen in Lyon. No contemporary crap for me – it has NO soul. In my kitchen you want to spend the whole day, talking, cooking, telling stories, having a glass of wine or cup of coffee..
      Now with kind folks like you, I would love to know your background, where you live and how you got to find me. It makes me have a more important relationship with those who give input like yourself. It means a lot to me when I have such nice feedback such as yours!! By the way I live on Sutton St.!!

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