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Hey Folks!

I just had a conversation with my culinary friend and neighbor Laurie about our concern for the possible and likely huge increase in the price of food very soon.

This coupled with the prices of fuel will cause for major changes in our lifestyle from driving less, turning down the thermostat even more and eating out less. Also, prices for what we pay for  lunch at our workplaces will increase to the point that it no longer makes sense to buy lunch instead of bring in our own home-cooked food. Most people have the excuse of not having time to make their meals for the next day. Time ( or lack of it)  is absolutely a problem in today’s lifestyle – and what a shame! We should pay more attention to our european friends and how they place more emphasis on home and family instead of all the little things that we do to chip away at the the clock until “there is no time left” to prepare wholesome, quick meals.

First developing a passion for being in the kitchen would truly  help the matter. When in the kitchen, you are creating – no different from painting a picture, playing an instrument, or any other art. I find that people either enjoy cooking or do not. No grey area here. Changing your thoughts of cooking as being a chore to being an art is a great place to start. Things may not come out quite as planned on occasion, but soon you will develop and eye, ear, smell and taste for how to go about the kitchen. Like all the other arts, who is really good at first?

Here is the biggest tip for time management for cooking for your lunch-time meals at work:

Cook larger batches of a few recipes on the weekend and freeze in individual containers, or batches that you may enjoy for a few days at a time.  I will typically cook a few different dishes that I have thought of ahead while listening to some of my favorite music, have a friend over to help and to enjoy each others company (and maybe even enjoying a glass of wine). You have to make your surroundings pleasurable while you create your masterpieces in your kitchen. The aroma wafting through your home will entice all!  And if you don’t smell all that goodness yourself, step outside for a few minutes and clear the air from some of the saturated scents that you have become accustomed to while cooking. When you come back in you’ll appreciate the goodness all over again.

Want to know how much money you can save? Here’s an example; chicken breast at 1.99 on sale (buy larger quantities and freeze the rest when on sale) mushrooms are 1.79 /lb and onions 2 lb for 1.00 (I’m a reeeeealy good shopper for where to go for the best deals on produce). A side veggie of choice and home made bread (my next video installment that will shock you of how easy and inexpensive it is to make french country bread).

Dinner for two with the above mentioned ingredients (which the main meal was chicken piccata with a cuban flair) cost me approximately 2 DOLLARS PER SERVING!!!! Soon I’ll install a few more recipes to help you on your way of good food on a great budget.

Enjoy your kitchen, family and freinds!


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