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Carotte Et Viande de Porc (Slow cooked carrots, potato and ham )

Here is a fantastic French country comfort meal that goes back multiple generations in our family. This is a glimpse into the real French country style of cooking that few are allowed to see. The Recipe! 2 1/2 lbs small red or white potato 2 lbs carrots 2 lbs peeled and coarsely chopped shallots 2-2.5 … Continue reading »

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Aligot (whipped potatoes with cheese)

Here is a French dish of ancient origin. Traditionally made with the Tomme de Laguiole or Tomme d’Auvergne cheese, aligot is a French country speciality still served in the local gastronomy with sausage or pork. The cheese used in this recipe is not found in the states, so Cantal, Emmentaller, Comté or Gruyere can be … Continue reading »

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Traditional Roast Goose (Oie Rustique)

A mid-winter’s dream come true. Crispy-skinned savory roast goose is served to the delight of all with roasted fingerling potatoes and a pomegranate lime compote. This truly is a feast, and not just for the holidays. Try this wonderful and simple old French rustic preparation to the delight of your family gathered around your candlelit … Continue reading »

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Palordes Aux Pomme De Terre

Small roasted potatoes are filled with tender, sweet clams with a tarragon butter sauce. Another fine example of showcasing the succulent gifts of the sea. The Recipe! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3-4 small (about 3 inches long) potatoes per person, oven roasted (375 degrees for 35-40 min) 2 lbs of steamer clams, steamed and cleaned. 1/4 cup of … Continue reading »

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Savory Crabmeat Cheesecake

Fun New Video!! Delicate sweet crabmeat finally gets treated appropriately in this oh so delicate and elegant savory cheesecake. Wow someone with this hard to forget masterpiece in less than 40 minutes. Savory Crabmeat Cheesecake Savory Crabmeat Cheesecake  The Recipe! 6-8 oz of crabmeat (one can if you can’t get it fresh) 8 oz of … Continue reading »

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Pommes de Terre Frites aux Rosemary Fromage (French Fries)

Are these really French ? Betcha sweet aspic they are!! The Recipe! 3 medium potatoes Fresh rosemary Sea Salt Fresh Cracked Pepper Parmesan Cheese or finely grated cheese of choice Extra virgin Olive Oil Slice 3 medium potatoes medium to thin length-wise or to desired thickness. Rinse and soak in cold water for a few … Continue reading »

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