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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Choux de Bruxelles Grillé (Marinated Grilled Brussels Sprouts)

Choux de Bruxelles Grille All right my friends, if you want a dish that will make your friends demand the recipe – here it is. Marinated brussels sprouts are grilled with sausage and then topped with Gruyere cheese. Serious summertime flavors from the grill. The Recipe! 1 lb of brussels sprouts 10 oz of sausage … Continue reading »

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Queue Juane Aux Bernier (Yellow Tail / Sole Bernier)

A fantastic summer time dish that takes the light and delicate flavour of yellow tail or sole, sautéed and folded in to whipped cream cheese, lime and Herbs De Province. Sauté sweet red peppers in extra virgin olive oil to accompany and summer never tasted so good.  The Recipe! 1/2 l/b yellow tail flounder or … Continue reading »

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Fillet of Sole with Velvet Duck Sauce ( Poisson Aux Sauce Bernier Canard)

Poisson Aux Sauce Bernier Canard An amazing seafood offering where delicate fillet of sole is topped with a velvety French sauce that has to be witnessed. Combine this with the fresh flavours of my garden vegetable recipe and perhasps a glass of champagne to make a complete gastronomique experience. The Sauce; Sauce Bernier Canard (Deux) … Continue reading »

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Salade Moules (Mussel and Bacon Salad with Shallot Sauce)

Direct from Provence, this delicious summer offering can be found in tiny bistros in the country side, or in my grandmothers cookbook. The sauce defies description as it brings the flavours of this gorgeous salad to a new level. Enjoy with a champagne and let the world go by…. The Recipe! The sauce: Sauce Bernier … Continue reading »

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Potage Saint-Germain (French Pea Soup)

This very olde traditional French dish can be traced back to Roman times! It is made with smoked ham hocks to give it a flavour, aroma and a velvet texture unsurpassed by other recipes and dried peas instead of the traditional fresh for a greater depth in flavour, made this way by my family and … Continue reading »

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Truffle Pâtes (Pasta with truffle oil, french olives and herbs)

Truffle Pâtes Here is a perfect dish for a warm summers eve. Served room temperature, whole wheat pasta is glorious when combined with truffle oil and nicoise olives and garden herbs. Do pasta the french way and break your routine. You’ll be very happy you did. The Recipe! 1 package of thin (angel hair or … Continue reading »

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Nectarine Chicken (Poulet Nectarine)

Nectarine Chicken is inspired buy the fresh flavours of the early summer. Cooking in season is so important for the reasons that you can support your local farmers markets, enjoy the freshest of flavours and obtain organic produce. This is how humankind cooked and ate up until relatively recently. What was in season is what … Continue reading »

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