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Sole à la Oscar

As a professional chef, my father’s nickname in the kitchens was Óscar. Perhaps because he was a tall and handsome Frenchman, it was a reference to the designer  Óscar de la Renta. It’s funny because no one recalls how that occurred, but it stuck to everyone in the culinary world. Perhaps Hervé was to unusual … Continue reading »

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Jambon Hervé

Sautéed winter Kale is wrapped around juicy pork and French Compté cheese, topped with more cheese and a sun-dried tomato sauce. This elegant dish rewards you with burst of flavours with every bite. Using pork or ham that you already cooked, it can be done in 30 minutes….that’s the amazing part. The Recipe! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 … Continue reading »

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Potage Saint-Germain (French Pea Soup)

This very olde traditional French dish can be traced back to Roman times! It is made with smoked ham hocks to give it a flavour, aroma and a velvet texture unsurpassed by other recipes and dried peas instead of the traditional fresh for a greater depth in flavour, made this way by my family and … Continue reading »

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Atlantic Salmon with Kiwi Lime Sauce (Saumon Kiwi)

Fresh pan seared Atlantic salmon is seasoned, then topped with a Kiwi lime reduction sauce. Dine by the sea tonight. Don’t forget the candles and romance. C’est L’amour. The Recipe! Recipe is for 4 people. Add one fillet per person for more servings and increase sauce components by 1/4 per extra serving. 3 kiwis, peeled … Continue reading »

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Crêpe Cerises ( Crêpes with Cherry Sauce)

A dish is very near to my heart as it is one of my first memories of food from my mérère and mother making for me in their restaurants and in this antique French kitchen that I made this video in. The scents and aroma bring me back every time I prepare them. This recipe … Continue reading »

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