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Bisque Pétoncle (Scallop and Sole Bisque)

  Creamy and delicate sole and scallop bisque will make you forget the howling bitter winds of winter. This is truly a delectable meal that begs to be served with a fine rustic French bread and a crisp, dry white wine. The Recipe! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 cups of whole milk 1/2 cup of sour cream 8 … Continue reading »

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Sole à la Oscar

As a professional chef, my father’s nickname in the kitchens was Óscar. Perhaps because he was a tall and handsome Frenchman, it was a reference to the designer  Óscar de la Renta. It’s funny because no one recalls how that occurred, but it stuck to everyone in the culinary world. Perhaps Hervé was to unusual … Continue reading »

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Queue Juane Aux Bernier (Yellow Tail / Sole Bernier)

A fantastic summer time dish that takes the light and delicate flavour of yellow tail or sole, sautéed and folded in to whipped cream cheese, lime and Herbs De Province. Sauté sweet red peppers in extra virgin olive oil to accompany and summer never tasted so good.  The Recipe! 1/2 l/b yellow tail flounder or … Continue reading »

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Fillet of Sole with Velvet Duck Sauce ( Poisson Aux Sauce Bernier Canard)

Poisson Aux Sauce Bernier Canard An amazing seafood offering where delicate fillet of sole is topped with a velvety French sauce that has to be witnessed. Combine this with the fresh flavours of my garden vegetable recipe and perhasps a glass of champagne to make a complete gastronomique experience. The Sauce; Sauce Bernier Canard (Deux) … Continue reading »

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Herbed Onion Sole (Poisson Oignon)

Poisson Oignon This dish showcases the delicate flavours of fresh sole topped with creamy onions infused with herbs and lemon. Seafood is always at the top of my list to dine with, and here is a dish you will crave once you’ve had it. The Recipe! 1 Lb of finely chopped onion 2 teaspoons of … Continue reading »

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